Professional baseball is played around the world, with established leagues in multiple countries. Yet, if a player grows up in the United States, when they dream about becoming a professional baseball player, there’s a good chance they see themselves in their favorite MLB team’s uniform.


As players mature, they look at professional baseball through a wider lens. From the world-renowned Major Leagues to their Minor League affiliates, and from the maverick Independent Leagues to the prestigious International Leagues, there are so many ways to play the game in every state, region, and continent, and each team has unique benefits to enrich your career.


With so many options, breaking into professional baseball can seem a daunting task. That’s why you need a detailed plan to stay in the game. Drawing on his decades of experience as a player, scout, pitching coach, Commissioner, and Assistant GM, James L.Gamble will help you navigate the world of professional baseball by developing your skills, unraveling the mystery of professional baseball scouts, avoiding common pitfalls, exploring free agency, and even drafting a budget for your time spent on the road.


Playing professionally is a commitment to a lifestyle. Make that commitment with confidence. Read GETTING PAID TO PLAY: AN INSIDE TRACK TO PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL by James Gamble today!




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